“GLPA offers the intense and in-depth training, combined with long-term mentorship, to prepare you to lead the most competitive races. If you’re a rising campaign leader hoping to take the next step in campaign leadership, there is no better program than GLPA to help you develop professionally. I was fortunate to have several GLPA fellows work on my successful 2014 campaign and several GLPA staffers work on my successful 2012 campaign.  GLPA fellows are taught not only the detailed mechanical skills necessary to manage the day-to-day operations of a campaign, but also important leadership skills required to build a positive campaign culture.”

Gretchen Driskell, 52nd House District State Representative


"When I ran for State House in 2014 I recruited my campaign manager and my deputy campaign manager from GLPA. Their expertise, knowledge, and energy built a great campaign, resulting in me winning election with 56% of the vote in a toss-up district. As someone who has helped train GLPA fellows and as a candidate who has relied on GLPA fellows for my successful State House run, I recommend the program to any rising campaign leader and to any candidate looking to build a strong, grassroots team."

Kristy Pagan, 21st House District State Representative


"The Great Lakes Political Program equips rising political operatives with the skills and experience they need to execute sound campaigns that can win. GLPA helped place a knowledgeable, hard-working campaign manager on my team who built successful finance, field and communications programs from scratch to challenge an established incumbent."

                                               Bryan Mielke, Candidate for the 99th House District


“GLPA fellows brought excitement, leadership, and dedication to my campaign. They created a positive campaign environment where the whole campaign team could succeed in both voter contact and fundraising, while at the same time learn and fine-tune their management skills. GLPA prepared them well for jumping hands on into a campaign, and I am excited to see the next generation of talent that comes from this program.”

Maureen Miller Brosnan, Livonia City Council President


“Jen served as the campaign manager for my campaign, and did so with professionalism and humility. She increased the campaign’s capacity and led her team effectively. Due to her GLPA training, she was equipped to execute a campaign plan from beginning to end. I’m so appreciative to GLPA for training Jen to be the valuable asset that she was to the WIN Campaign, and I would recommend that any aspiring campaign leader complete this program.”

Mary Kerwin, Former Candidate for the 41st House District